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We are extremely pleased that RVHRA has continued to grow and improve as a SHRM chapter bringing local HR professionals together for outstanding programs and networking opportunities. The three RVHRA locations, of White River/Lebanon, Claremont, and the Northeast Kingdom, provide a chance to improve knowledge and skills, participate in hot topic educational programs, meet fellow HR professionals, participate in, and have access to, Connecticut River Valley wage and salary information, and become more aware of what other individuals and businesses are doing to improve as they serve their employees and clients.

We look forward to your continued involvement and participation in the RVHRA. If you know anyone who you think might also be interested in joining RVHRA please pass along membership information to them or give us their names so we can contact them. Instructions for payment of dues are included in the application form but if there are any questions, ideas, or concerns please contact us any time. Thank you again and we hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!

Nicole Sherburne

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